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I don’t know if anyone ever clicks the ‘ABOUT’ on a website but if you are reading this you must have. This has been a slow learning curve for me to work out how to update this blog and also to decide exactly what I want to achieve from it. I am a piscean (Pisces) which basically means I’m a bit of a dreamer and for some reason time seems to pass in a different way for me. Time is just one long continuity that doesn’t have stages or beginnings or ends. I have no real conception of the years passing and getting older and what it means.

I wrote my first song when I was about ten and still in England and it really did have a very sixties feel about it. After I moved to Australia and started playing guitar I started writing songs that were a lot more personal and expressed feelings or situations I was in or sympathised with. I have made several attempts to write pop songs or mainstream type songs but they never seem to capture the emotion that I love in music. I remember saying what I guess every teenager says ‘I will be a millionaire before I’m twenty one’ though as the years floated by I was suddenly thirty and saying ‘I will plait my hair and do a Willie Nelson when I’m forty’. Well I am long past that now and I think I am finally starting to realise (took a while didn’t it) that I won’t be doing a tour of the USA and Europe singing my songs to the world.

It is often strange when you write a song that you hear how you want it to sound, what you want it to capture, the instrumentation you would like in it. I have rarely had an opportunity to produce a song in the way I hear it in my head and am generally dissatisfied with the way they turn out, always hearing the flaws rather than the song. Always hearing a string section or an oboe or a harmonica or a piano that isn’t there. Always hearing a note that is slightly off or not expressed how I wanted, wishing I had played it this way or sung it that way. And generally not having the time or the money to correct, compliment or record again.

I have written over 120 songs and I have to accept that the ones I have captured at all are what they are no matter what the quality of sound or performance. They are generally captured at the moment or close to the moment when the song was written and most capture the emotion I wanted in the song. These are my life’s number one hits of the seventies, eighties, nineties and noughties. These are my unplugged albums, my blues albums my band progressions and my live albums. They are periods of my life captured in music.

This blog has been created to share my songs with anyone who wants to listen. Yes it would have been great to have made millions over the years but in the end I would not trade what I have had for anything. I have a beautiful lady and three great kids and they have been my priority and my joy. You don’t write a song thinking ‘How much money will this one make me’? You write thinking how will this touch someone,  will they relate to it, will people love this melody, will they feel my heart, will they sing this in the shower etc etc.

It has always amazed me which of my songs people remember. Everyone seems to have a different favourite. People from the Barnaby Rudge days, the Raiders days, the Francis and Davies days and the solo days all seem to have a different favourite song.

I am going to put a song up per week on this blog no matter how badly recorded until I have them all up. With many songs I have some strange transitions where they may have started off as a heavy song in a Band and ended up as a ballad, or started as a folky song and ended up as band song.  I also have some versions sung by other singers. I will try to put up the different versions and thank the people who played with me on the tracks and the wonderful people who recorded the songs either in the studio or at live gigs. I will also try and remember why I wrote the song in the first place and explain my reasons for it.

I have been through my old photos and found a few I can use but I have never been an avid photographer, so if any who knows me has any old photographs of the bands I was in, the solo venues I played at and I hate to think how may weddings I have played at over the years, I would love to include them in this site.

If you can’t find your favourite song, let me know and if I have a version of it I will put it up. If  I don’t I will record a version for you.

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