Ian Francis History 1980’s – The Raiders

After working with Barnaby Rudge, Ian was now a seasoned performer and he developed his solo career with  gigs in wine bars and other similar venues. He was often asked to sing at weddings and parties. None of these gave him a lot of scope to sing the music that he wrote. It didn’t stop him writing or hoping however, that one day things would change.

Things took a turn for the better when he became part of the 3 piece band called The Raiders and could pick up an electric guitar and rock again.

Ian Francis became a member of the band The Raiders who played around Sydney in the 1980’s. This was a true rock and roll band who played mostly original music that Ian Francis wrote, with a few well chosen covers they all enjoyed performing. The Raiders were originally a three piece Sydney band,  playing support gigs booked through Owen Orford at the Harbour Agency.

Band members

Ian Francis – Guitar and Singer
Tony Townsend – Bass and Singer
Chris Fitzgibbons (Fitz) – Singer

Later Band Members

Geoff Davies – keyboards and singer
Dave (Gonzo) – Drummer

Alternate Name

Hot Opera

Sound Engineer

Graeme (Yogi)

Places The Raiders played

The Raiders have supported most of the top Australian bands of this time (INXS, Moving Pictures, JoJo Zep, Jon English, Dragon, Radiators, Eurogliders, Dynamic Hepnotics, Little River Band, Dugites etc) and some overseas acts (Hot Chocolate, George Thoroughgood, Canned Heat).

Ian Francis Songs they played

Ian’s music evolution started with Barnaby Rudge but he entered his peak writing period with the Raiders and with his partnership with Geoff Davies, with whom he later formed the duo Francis & Davies. Although some songs from this period are slow, acoustic or ballad, the majority are hard core rock and roll with a fast beat and a contemporary message.

The following songs were written during this time period.

In You
It’s A Colour
Miss Your Love
Breakfast Blues
Bang Bang Bang
Walking in The Rain
Is This Love?
I don’t Want To Say Goodnight
Love Comes
All at Sea
Fallout Falling
In My Minds Eye
BB ( Bridget Bardot)
Red Light Woman
Beautiful Women
Nursury Rhyme For the 80’s
Comes a Time
Hard On
Sometimes I Feel Like Crying
Loves Got No Rules
Maybe I’m Dreaming
Always Running
Nothing But Trouble
Say That You Love Me

(Ian wrote music for lyrics by Leo Taylor)
Thai Girl
100 More Are Gone
Spend Some Time with Jesus

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