Ian Francis History in 1990 – 2010

Ian Francis has never stopped performing, but at the beginning of the 90’s the punishing schedule he was keeping up singing solo gigs, started to affect his voice. He knew if he was to keep singing in the future and surviving, the dream needed to be shelved to give his voice a chance to recover and to keep his family well looked after.

He went into partnership with someone with experience of putting on trivia shows in pubs and clubs. Together they formed the company FAME standing for Fun and Money Entertainment. Although this partnership failed in time, Ian Francis continued through the somewhat acrimonious breakup and started his own trivia entertainment company called Complete Trivia.

In some ways this was a great move as the business thrived and continues to do so. In other ways, the Australian music business lost one of the best solo artists of it’s time without ever having discovered him.

Ian continued to write new songs and to perform at least once a week when it was possible to do so. It’s hard to serve two masters though, and in this period his songwriting dropped back in volume.

He started a gig called The Hot Club where young or beginner musicians could come up and play or sing with a “real band” (not kareoke) of seasoned musicians. His generosity is well remembered by those who have made their first performance under his unique style of encouragement.

The Ian Francis Band

Ian Francis started playing under the catch-all name of the Ian Francis Band with different musicians making up a 3 or more member ensemble band. He continues to do so in regular gigs at some locations, at functions when asked and does other occasional gigs when possible.

Musicians he regularly plays with are

Greg Hanson – Drummer
Brendan McGuire – Drummer
Neil Rankin – Drummer
Wayne Rountree (Wally) – Base & Harmony
Robbie Askew – Base & Singer
Steve Shipley – Guitarist & Harmony
Greg Young – Guitarist & Singer
Bobby Donaldson – Drummer

Regular Locations Ian Francis plays at are


Ian Francis Songs

The Ian Francis Band plays all covers, mostly  from the 70’s through to contemporary songs. They rarely rehearse, but these highly talented and seasoned musicians just get up and jam and have a great time, and so do their audience.

Ian may not have been a prolific songwriter in these years but the songs he did write are both outstanding and hauntingly beautiful.

The following songs were written during this time period.

Ode To No-One
I Only Believe in Love
This Song Keeps Buggin Me
Through the Eyes of A Child
Problem Child
Never Wakes Up Alone
Love in Return

Children’s Song
Cheeky Boy Tree

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