Why must I always say the wrong things,

Why can’t I say what I mean.

Why won’t the words come out like they should, so you’ll understand how I feel.

Why don’ t I know what I want any more,

Why don’t I know what to do.

I’ve never felt this felling before, this feeling I’m feeling for you.

And why am I scared that you’re tying me down, if  I’ve never been tied down before.

Why am I scared when you’re not around.

Why can’t I think any more.

I thought I knew what love was about from all of the girls I had known. But I’d never really made love before, ’til you and I were alone.

So why is it hard just to let you know, all that I’m hoping to do.

Why is it hard to say to your face, I’m in love with you.

I’m in love with you.

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