This scenescape is my “find time for” of all the 24
When the darkness is not yet completely night
but still tinged with setting sunlight

Overhead the sky is deep
not navy yet but still
identifiably dark blue…

Stars flicker almost imperceptibly

The blue lightens, reddens through green
then abruptly ends where the
black belt of the horizon steals its colour

Trails of light dot land all around
The water is dark as the deepest centre of sky
slightly shaded still with colour at it’s shallowest edge

Light shifts and moves across the water

Reds and blues and golden hues of white light
clink to the cloak of night, that has not yet quite fallen

It is not a long a time
These colours darken as the day is ended

It is just a few minutes of quiet
like a threnody
melodiously lingering in a memory

© Music: Geoff Davies – Lyric: Julie Francis
from Francis & Davies – Threnody (Title song of Album)

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