I thought I would put this song up seeing as it is ‘Mother’s day’. This is a song I wrote for my beautiful Caroline and expresses the special ‘Family Love’ that you feel when you have someone special looking out for you, and sharing your life.

It was written when our kids were younger and she was absolutely the mother hen. I remember the song going round and round in my head when driving back to Sydney from a holiday on the south coast with all the family in the car, and the back of the station wagon crammed full of bedding and clothes and Sultan, our dog, squashed in amongst it all.

It was recorded at Emerald City in Sydney with Eric Vandersande one night when I went in and put down cover songs and originals just with my old Ovation nylon string. Probably late Eighties. It was mastered to a beta video cassette and I still have the master but I can’t find anyone who has a beta mastering machine, and I’m not sure if there is still anything on it. So this version is from a cassette, probably second generation and a bit rough but I think the song and the meaning shine through.

Happy Mothers day to all.

Lyrics for All of the Love

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