This is another song that was recorded at Vandersound Studios with Eric Vandersande in the nineties. What a clean, crisp and simple recording it is. Wayne (Wally) Rountree on bass, Bobby Donaldson with some beautiful light brush work on the drums. I used Eric’s Maton acoustic and his Fender strat for the guitar sounds.

Lyrics to Hard Lady

I had written the song a few years before we recorded it and it was a regular song I played at my solo gigs. The song is about a beautiful lady called Diane McCallum who was the twin sister of a schoolfriend Ian McCallum. We shared a house in Epping with several other people in the early seventies, just after leaving school and she was a great friend to me, an extra sister.

She moved up to the mid-north coast of NSW and lived in a lovely old house quite a few kilometres out of town. I went up to visit her several times with Caroline and the kids, I remember going up once when my son David was just born and he is 23 now so it was a while ago.

The song is dedicated to her and her husband John who ‘as far as I know’ are still living on the edge of the town and their daughter has grown up to be a very beautiful woman.

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