The Storyteller

This is my tribute to the wonderful Harry Chapin . The first time that I heard a Harry Chapin song was a day I should have been in school but instead was playing pool in a bar and W.O.L.D came on the radio. Cat’s in the Cradle means more to me now I am a parent than it did back then when I was first composing songs on my own six string orchestra (oh – do it fingers!).

I have connected with many wonderful people by singing some of Harrys songs over the years, especially Better Place to Be and Taxi and I will never forget seeing him here in Australia alone on stage in his slippers. I often hear Mr Tanner singing softly to himself and see mail order Annie waiting patiently at the train station.

Harry Chapin touched the heart of many people and tirelessly tried to make the world a better place. Although he died in 1981 his legacy lives on not just in his music but in the organizations who work to bring aid to people who need it especially the World Hunger Association. If you like the music I ask that if you can spare a dime please visit this site below and donate something in memory of  Harry.

Many thanks to Liz Kelk who put the clip together for me.


Lyrics for Storyteller

Where were you when Harry Chapin first “touched your heart for a moment?”  Click on the comments link below. I’d love to hear your story…’

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