I have a gig tomorrow with Wally (Wayne Rowntree) and Bobby Donaldson at the Rex in Windsor so I thought I’d put up a couple of the songs we recorded in the mid nineties with Eric Vandersande up in Queensland.

I have always loved the blues and will be posting several more of my blues attempts as I add to this collection. I guess it was the Stones with ‘Little Red Rooster’ that started me off on the blues, it was the first single I ever bought.

I went on to listen to many other British blues artists, especially John Mayall and early Fleetwood Mac who had many connections with their lineups. I think my favourite all-time blues songs are the Fleetwood Mac version of ‘Need your love so bad’ and Led Zepellin’s ‘Since I been loving you’.

Comes A Time

Comes a Time’ was written in the late seventies, I guess the easiest way to explain the song is to say it is a touch of the black dog.

Comes a Time Lyrics

We all go through times when we wonder what the hell is going on and where we are supposed to fit into it. They often don’t last long but I think this song captures that feeling.

I have live versions of this song with ‘The Raiders’ and will post one when I get around to the Raider’s stuff.

Breakfast Blues

Breakfast Blues’ was a mistake. I have always loved to finger-pick blues in E on the guitar and love the way the two acoustic guitars interact on this track.

Breakfast Blues Lyrics

I was doing a lot of solo gigs in the eighties to make a quid cause the band wasn’t making any money so I would often play a blues song at the show and ask the audience for a topic to sing about and then make up the words as I went along.

I was doing a gig in Sydney in town in the Oxford Tavern I think it was. It was downstairs on the corner of William and Castlereagh streets or Pitt street, somewhere around there. I asked for a subject for my blues song and a guy yelled out what I thought was ‘Breakfast blues’. The first thought that came into my head was cornflakes for some reason and I added to it as I went along. I’m not sure of the exact words that night but the song progressed over the years to what you hear – a hair of the dog blues. At the end of the song I asked the guy if he liked it and he said that he had asked for ‘Memphis blues’ not Breakfast.

Geoff Davies is the keyboard player on both tracks.

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