I have gone through my old cd’s to find the best mixes or my favourite mixes of songs I have written and recorded (my never ending wips – (works in progress) over the years and put together an album I have called ‘Is What It Is’. Because of programs like spotify, and the tunecore website, I have been able to release this album for the world to listen to and to download if so desired.

The album includes several of the songs already on this website and a few ones I haven’t got around to putting up here yet. It is a strange mix but I hope everyone will find at least one song they like.

Is What It Is – Ian Francis – CD/ Album/MP3 Music

Ian Francis Is What It Is Album Cover

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1. Andelain.
2. Breakfast blues.
3. Storyteller.
4. Bang Bang Bang.
5. Ode to no-one.
6. Comes a time.
7. Through the eyes of a child.

8. Hard lady.
9. Song keeps bugging me.
10. Lord how this night drags on.
11. In you.
12. Sell my soul.
13. Miss your love.
14. Only believe in love.
15. Cheeky boy tree.

I have included the track listings and album notes in this post as credits can’t be seen on spotify or the download sites and I didn’t do all this by myself. So thanks to everyone who helped and I hope you have a listen –


All songs written by Ian Francis.
Copyright Ian Francis 1972-2012
All Tracks – Ian Francis acoustic and electric guitars.
Tracks 1,2,3,4,6 – Wayne Rountree Bass, Bobby Donaldson Drums, Geoff Davies Keyboards.
Tracks 8,11,13 – Wayne Rountree Bass, Bobby Donaldson Drums.
Track 9 – Chris O’Leary vocals, Gareth Allen Bass.
Track 14 – Neil Rankin Drums.
Track 15 – Glynn Fussell backing vocals.
Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,11,12,13 Engineered by Eric Vandersande.
Tracks 5,7,9,14,15 Engineered by Steve Shipley.

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