This is a strange little song.

I have three sons that I love dearly and I would not change that for the world but I always wondered what having a daughter would be like. So this is a song for the daughter I never had, my Ode to No-One.

Lyrics to Ode to No-One

Recorded with a steel string and a nylon string guitar. As with many of my songs, it started out with the guitar progression. Three rather strange chords that fit together well because of the open strings in them. I recorded it with Steve Shipley at his studios in Sydney, a place I manage to visit once or twice a year (when I come up with some new material) to see how it comes together and if the guitar parts fit. I generally only get to visit a song once which can be detrimental to the accuracy of the playing but it certainly captures the mood required which can be lost if you get too technical.

As usual, I loved the guitar but didn’t realise how high the song would be until I started singing it. It is pretty much at the top of my range. It is not an easy song to sing and play at the same time and I have only really sung it this once all the way through.

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