Ian wrote the music, did the arrangement for and sang this beautiful song, called Thai Girl, when he was asked if he would collaborate on a song, something he rarely does.

Thai Girl Lyrics by Leo Taylor

The words were written by Leo Taylor, an Australian actor, poet and lyricist. The arrangement and recording of the song was done one afternoon, on a home studio keyboard system by Tony Lane, who laid down the tracks while we all crowded around in his spare room. I emailed Leo recently for permission to use it here and asked him to tell the story behind it…

As for Thai Girl, of course you can write it up. I’ve never considered it to be anything other than a co write and I think Ian has done a fantastic job both as arranger and vocalist I always give him a big wrap whenever I play the song. Anyway…here’s Thai Girl and the story behind it is simple. In 1982 I went through Thailand with my partner Cathy and her son Erin who was 4 years old at the time. I was amazed at the street girls who kept hassling me, even when Cathy was present, so one day I sat down in a bar and began writing some poetry about their situation. Years later when I had returned to Sydney I wrote Beautiful Thai Girl in a Manly coffee shop, the one on the corner just across from the ferry wharf… and that’s the story.

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