When digital mastering first came in they used video cassette tapes. I did a recording session in the late 80’s at Emerald City Studios with Eric Vandersande. This included some of my original acoustic songs and a lot of the covers I was doing at my live shows. I was using a beautiful Ovation nylon string at the time (which I no longer have unfortunately) that served me well at over a thousand gigs.

I recorded 24 songs in the session (13 covers, 11 originals) and they were digitally mastered to a Beta cassette. It has taken me a long time to find someone who has a Beta machine with the sound plug in to get these tracks off as I only had them in audio cassette quality. I got them as wav files and then gave them to my talented son Robert (DJ Weaver) who got rid of background hums and re-mastered them.

I am putting up three of the originals today. Firstly a song called ‘Slow Down’ which was a favorite of Karen Lillee’s. She would always ask me to play it when I played at Mirrors Wine bar in Gladesville and when I worked for her when she owned Bevy’s Place at Mosman.

Slow Down – lyrics

The second song is called ‘Steal Your Heart Away’ which is a favorite of Greg and Julie Young.

Steal Your Heart Away – lyrics

The third song is called ‘Remember’.

Remember – lyrics

I wrote this song and sang a lot heavier version than this when I was with the Raiders. I recorded this version of Remember as an after thought on the session night, after dropping the key two and a half notes. I loved the way it came out.

The Covers? Sorry I moved them when I got a new audio plugin – see Playlist-Covers