My Heart Never Wakes Up Alone

Wrote this song in 2011 and recorded it with Steve Shipley engineering. Just my old Nylon acoustic and my steel string acoustic and lots of harmonies. My sister Julie put the clip together for it to make me happy and it certainly did. Sometimes a hug is just the best thing in the world.

My Heart Never Wakes Up Alone – Lyrics

I thought I would put this song up seeing as it is ‘Mother’s day’. This is a song I wrote for my beautiful Caroline and expresses the special ‘Family Love’ that you feel when you have someone special looking out for you, and sharing your life.

It was written when our kids were younger and she was absolutely the mother hen. I remember the song going round and round in my head when driving back to Sydney from a holiday on the south coast with all the family in the car, and the back of the station wagon crammed full of bedding and clothes and Sultan, our dog, squashed in amongst it all.

It was recorded at Emerald City in Sydney with Eric Vandersande one night when I went in and put down cover songs and originals just with my old Ovation nylon string. Probably late Eighties. It was mastered to a beta video cassette and I still have the master but I can’t find anyone who has a beta mastering machine, and I’m not sure if there is still anything on it. So this version is from a cassette, probably second generation and a bit rough but I think the song and the meaning shine through.

Happy Mothers day to all.

Lyrics for All of the Love

This is my Dad’s favorite song out of all the songs I have written. This was recorded when my voice had not been ruined by years of cigarettes, bongs and four hour gigs to make a quid singing crowd pleasers.  I wish I could borrow that voice back sometimes even though it is a bit pitchy at times.

Lyrics to Why

I remember sitting in a house in Putney in Sydney with Mark Stevens (Barnaby Rudge)  who was working in the acoustics or linguistics department of MacQuarie University at the time. Toni, his wife, was ironing and I was sitting at the kitchen table with a mike to sing into and another one on this cheap nylon string guitar that  had a few cracks in it and I’m still not sure what note it was tuned to. We had the highest quality blank cassette tape available at the time and a spring reverb unit and I sang five songs in the session as best as I could for a young bloke finding his way and unsure of his talents.

The song is very simple, it is about probably the five hardest words to say to somebody –  “I’m ‘in love‘ with you”. The five words that leave you open and vulnerable if your feelings are not returned.  Three words can be said too many times until they have no meaning but five words are a constant. Loving someone does not need a relationship or a commitment, but being ‘In Love’ with someone is an ongoing emotion. It can fade and be misunderstood, it can be sorely tested with time but if it does not exist then there can be no long term relationship.

I was not in love when I wrote this song but I think the song expresses that I understood something of love before I found out all it can be.

I will be uploading the other four songs from this session. Obviously it was recorded on a hissy cassette tape which over the years added a huge bottom end and dulled the top end. I thank my son DJ Weaver for cleaning it up as best he could.

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